Learn to improvise freely over any chord progression!

The "Fourth Note" principle is a truly remarkable method of improvising in jazz and other genres, combining ear training, theory, and technique to enable the student to play with unrestricted creativity.

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step instruction
  • How to use "focus notes" to anchor your playing within a chord progression.
  • Examples of practical application of every new concept.
  • Includes a CD with 99 full demo tracks
  • And more!

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Notable Quotes about Tony's book
"A unique perspective on improvisation through the "fourth note" principle, DeCaprio's approach enables you to combine ear training, theory and technique to produce great solos. Packed with examples, the CD also boasts 99 full demo tracks. Warning: there's some deep stuff in here: It's no shortcut for impatient wannabes."
Total Guitar Magazine - Issue TG110 - Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

“Tony DeCaprio has found a totally unique and revolutionary concept for teaching improvisation. There is nothing even remotely similar on the market. The approach is both refreshing and brilliant. I highly recommend this book to both students and teachers.”
Jimmy Bruno

“Tony’s book is loaded with great improvising information that can be used by all instruments, especially the guitar. It has already given me musical food for thought. Don’t let this gem slip by you. YEAH TONY!!”
Joe Diorio

“Probably the most meticulously organized and detailed guitar study book I've seen.”
Jim Hall

“There’s some deep stuff here. A lot of experience and knowledge has gone into this. Not for the fainthearted, but if you’re an advanced guitar player and you think that you have the jazz improv thing down, buy this book and go back to school!”
Chris Spedding

“Tony DeCaprio has created a very thorough hands-on approach to improvisation that enables the serious guitar student to develop both a better visual orientation on the neck and understanding of modern jazz harmony. Tony’s hundreds of examples will provide lots of fresh ideas and inspiration, and allow guitarists to find their own voices. A job very well done.”
John Stowell

“Tony is a master guitarist with a unique vision and great intellect. His concepts will open doors and challenge any who wish to explore their own creativity.”
Sid Jacobs

“The Fourth Note Principle by Tony DeCaprio is one of the most original educational texts for the guitar to come along in years. At first, I didn’t quite believe the system could work, so I spent a considerable amount of time going through the method. To my pleasant surprise the system works amazingly well. You still need a lot of practice and patience with it. It’s no short cut, but it does open up the musicians’ head to that wonderful area of music improvisation.”
Lee Ritenour

“Tony DeCaprio has spent most of his professional life in hot pursuit of the “holy Grail”. An intensely investigative approach to all aspects of improvisation, plus a serious work ethic, has given him technique and an overview second to none. A natural teacher, he thrives on sharing his discoveries with the serious student, did I say serious? This is the real thing… Check it out!”
Onnie McIntyre (AWB)