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About Tony
Tony De Caprio author of "The Fourth Note Principle", a method published in Paris (Ed. Henry Lemoine, 41, rue Bayen, 75017, Paris, France). Is a guitarist in demand in America and Europe not only for his playing but for his master classes. He has taught at the University of Nevada and the University of Hawaii.

Now living in New York, after four years in Europe and a stint in Atlanta, Georgia. In NYC, he studied with Jimmy Raney, Jim Hall, Joe Pass and in Philadelphia with Dennis Sandole and Joe Sgro.

Tony has played alongside James Moody, Carl Fontana, Alex Acuna, Kenwood Dennard, Tom Malone, Joe Shepley, George Young, Tommy Tedesco, Steve Kuhn, Dolo Coker, Sam Noto, Butch Miles, Lincoln Goines, Dave Carpenter, Ron Feuer, Peter Erskine, Scott Colley, Dave Samuels and many others.

Jazz is enigmatic on so many fronts.

Elvis Presley performing with, Tony De Caprio, left. On the right, behind the drums, is Alex Acuna playing congas. Directly behind Alex is James Moody on the end, playing sax. To the right of Moody is Ron Feuer on Hammond Organ. Directly to the right of the drum cymbols is guitarist James Burton…… circa 1974.

He has backed names such as Elvis Presley, Mel Torme, Diana Ross, Tom Jones, BB King, Shirley Bassey, Ann-Margaret, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Cleo Laine and Donna Summer to name but a few.


 Listen to an audio clip of Elvis Presley featuring and introducing Tony to the audience at the Las Vegas Hilton from December of 1975!



He has performed throughout the world in diverse venues such as The White House, Washington, DC; New York Radio City; The Met Forest Hills Stadium; Los Angeles Amphitheatre, Dick Clark Show; Las Vegas Hilton Orchestra, The London Palladium; Man Ray, Paris; Le Petit Journal, Montparnasse, Paris.
Tony has just returned from a successful tour of Italy, performing with his band and presenting his master classes.

He is currently teaching his very special jazz guitar workshops throughout France, Italy and the United States.

Tony and Earl Klugh
Tony talkin' shop with Ernie Isley
Tony and Steve Vai

Tony and Jimmy Wyble

4th Note Principal


"Tony DeCaprio has managed to put into words, and examples a lot of very good information, that other books failed to do. He has touched upon something that I feel is very important, at least to my way of thinking, and that is melody. This is something the ear keeps for itself. Thank God for good ears!"
--Mundell Lowe

"Tony, this is a great book! There are wonderful lines and patterns. A pianist can use it as is. There is no need to change it. I will practice the lines and make it all part of my study tools. All and all an excellent work. Keep it up!"
--Mike Garson(pianist for David Bowie)

"Tony is a Musical Metaphysician,an explorer into the great unknown of all things vibratory and I hear he is learning to speak Italian finally." -- Michael Sembello